Hello, I’m Tim Uruski

This is a resume outlining the past 9 years of my experience as a programmer. Recruiters, please avert your eyes.

Professional Experience

BlackSquare 2012 -- Present

Now I work at BlackSquare, developing revolutionary software for the wine and spirits industry.

Fanhattan 2010 -- 2012

At Fanhattan I have been able to focus on software development using Ruby, MongoDB and many other technologies. I had the privilege of working with Pivotal Labs for six months, learning about test-driven development and agile programming.

Corbis 2009 -- 2010

Wanting to diversify my programming skills, I applied for a smaller, less focused job as a web programmer for Corbis. There I was able to re-learn JavaScript and some light PHP and I was also lucky to develop an iPad application using WebKit.

Critical Mass 2006 -- 2009

I took a job as a Flash developer at Critical Mass so I could focus on programming. For the next three years, I designed and built front-end website frameworks in ActionScript for Dell, Rolex and Budweiser. Teamwork was an important part of my job, and I learned a lot about leadership and mentoring as senior developer.

Ground Level Design 2003 -- 2006

Freshly graduated from the New Media program at SAIT, I worked at Ground Level Design for three years as a general developer. There I learned about web standards and focused on my programming skills in Flash, building small widgets and applications.

Personal Experience

Programming languages

I love learning about programming, and strive towards being a polyglot. I try to learn a new language each year. My recent focus has been on Haskell and Node.js. I also try to maintain an awareness of the endless list of open-source libraries available. Studying the source code for these libraries also helps me better understand the domains they wrap.

Development environment

I do all of my work on a Mac because it provides a powerful blend of graphical interfaces and linux shell. All of my work is stored in Git, much of it on GitHub. More than almost any other tool, it has transformed the way I think about and do my work. Previously my development tools have been TextMate and a Terminal window, but over the last few years I’ve been moving towards a minimalist environment centered on unix tools, shell programming and the Vim text editor.


Most of my skills are self taught. During college I wanted to learn more about programming, which was not a big part of the curriculum then. I learned how to teach myself by reading books, watching screencasts and studying the work of others. I also find that teaching others is a challenging and powerful way to hone my understanding of a topic, I would like to do more of it in the future.