Hello, I’m Tim Uruski

I create computer software.

I love how computer programs are designed. Since I first began using a computer as a child, I wanted to blend visuals and code together to make beautiful software. I think about software all the time. I read books about programming, even languages I don’t know. I collect and study software made by others so I can understand how it’s made down to the smallest detail. I have a resume, if you’re interested in my work experience.

I build solid wood furniture by hand.

When I need a break from abstract computer code, I like to make furniture out of solid wood. To keep all ten fingers, I mainly use hand tools and techniques from the 19th century. This is a new hobby and I still have a lot to learn. Wood is a complicated material with nuances to be mastered, it is always changing and reveals hidden features as you cut and shape it. The challenge is completely different from writing code. Building something to last for a hundred years is especially thought provoking.

I cook meals without a recipe.

I taught myself how to cook before moving out on my own. For dinner, I like cooking with whatever I find in the fridge and pantry. The results are (almost) always delicious. I enjoy the real-time aspect of cooking, adjusting seasoning, texture and temperature as the raw ingredients transform into a meal right in front of me. When I want to learn a new technique, I collect a bunch of recipes together to learn their differences and similarities. This helps me better understand what each ingredient and step plays.

I ride my bike in the summer.

To stay in shape, I ride my bike around Calgary. I like the way a bicycle combines the human body with a simple machine that allows me to travel fast and far fast with little effort. I’ve taught myself some basic bike maintenance to keep things running smoothly, but it’s also given me an appreciation for how mechanical things work.